swings and roundabouts

Hands up if this weather drives you up a wall? Freezing one minute,sunshine the next.I have been telling myself that I will get back into running as son as I feel level.When will that be? Is that like saying “i’ll go on a diet on monday” or “I’ll finish that project as soon as I have done XY&Z” ? I  just need to get my running shoes on and go. The year before I had my first real episode,I ran five half marathons and lots of other races too.I loved that I could just run and run.Funny thing is,learning more about my illness,I’m thinking that maybe,just maybe,I was a wee bit manic then.I would just run,and run and run.Up a mile hill after an eight mile run,just for the fun of it.hmmmm. So anyway I have to be careful when I get myself back into it. I’m hoping that sharing it on here will give me more encouragement to lace up those sneakers and go.

What exercise do you do to help quiet the mind?

Talking of quietening the mind,I wanted to share this with you as I loved this book.Anyone else read it?what did you think.

Well considering that I woke up in a pretty blah mood,I feel lighter for writing this today. Enjoy your day.

2 thoughts on “swings and roundabouts”

  1. I take an adult tap class for stress relief…. just the hectic schedule of a busy life and a tough job…. but I so look forward to my tap nights! Fun with new friends, exercise, challenge for my brain and for that hour I can let go of all the stress of the week!!

  2. I write in my blog for stress relief! Hopefully this helps you get through stuff too. Also, walk into town to grab coffee with friends.

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